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Company Mission

To introduce to Filipinos the flavourful Balamban style of roasting liempo (pork belly), which combines the unique taste of lechon Cebu, its local herbs and spices, and a more convenient and cost effective way of tasting liempo, ultimately making a truly unique and gourmet liempo experience.
To achieve, within ten years, the recognition of Balamban Liempo as an all-time Filipino favourite, available to Filipinos all over the world.


Final company logo, for Cebu (left) and outside Cebu province (right)

Today, this is the official company logo. The main drivers for the change and final design were:

1. A simple and easily recognized format

2. Brand name, with font colors giving a hint of slow cooking

3. Leaf design to emphasize freshness and taste

4. Concept of ‘Tastier Than Lechon’ via words and product shot

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