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Balamban Liempo

Lechon, as famous as it is in Cebu, certainly is the most- sought after food among locals and tourists. With “Tastier than Lechon” as tagline, BALAMBAN LIEMPO, without doubt, bravely declares this! Yes, it may seem outrageous at first but it is a rightful claim as it is warranted by very tender succulent meat with flavorful and aromatic herbs and other secret green ingredients. Its crackling, golden brown skin paves the way to intermingled layers of delicious melt-in-your mouth fat and luscious meat to give this claim good justice. And what better way to re-iterate, with Balamban Liempo bagging the recognition as SunStar Best of Cebu 2018’s Best Liempo. Truly, Cebu’s best liempo is taking Cebu by storm 

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