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Dear Franchisee,

Welcome to the world of Balamban Liempo!

From its humble beginnings, the concept has never changed. Our goal was simple: to provide a high-quality, unique, and flavourful experience when eating pork belly (liempo). Creating the product did not come overnight, and we believe that we now have the winning recipe to ensure customer satisfaction. What started as a small, stand alone shop is now a fast expanding enterprise with more than twenty locations, and is still growing. The pace by which we have accelerated our deployment of store locations is testament to the acceptance of this truly wonderful product. Our customers just keep coming back for more!

 The story of our success would not have been possible without the efforts of our Franchisees, the people who share our vision and reap the profits of hard work. Opening a store is easy; having the discipline to adhere with defined standards of operations is the challenge. Without it, the brand suffers, quality deteriorates, and customer loyalty and acceptance can (and will) fail. For our part, you have my assurance that the company will always strive for quality. But we can’t do this alone. We need your full commitment.

       With Kind Regards,
(sgd.) Jojo Vergara
       Founder, Balamban Liempo

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HOW TO FRANCHISE Balamban Liempo

1. Email your letter of intent subject "Balamban Liempo Franchise"
attach your RESUME and BIODATA

2. Once we have reviewed your proposal and approved it, please submit your prepared picture or sketch of the location where you want your location to be, take note the standard size we require for a take out store is 10 -12 square meters, for stores with dine in, 20-40 square meters.

3. We will then send an officer to check the feasibility of your area, we have a 1km radius jurisdiction, to ensure that no one is selling a Balamban Liempo within your covered area.  

4. If your area is ok, we will provide a franchise contract for you to review.

5. Once you agree and signed the contract with franchise fee, We will build the your store (30days). After 30 days we will launch your store and turn over the key to
your very own Balamban Liempo Store!

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