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A Taste of History

From its humble beginnings, the concept has never changed. Our goal was simple: to provide a high-quality, unique, and flavourful experience when eating pork belly (liempo). Creating the product did not come overnight, and we believe that we now have the winning recipe to ensure customer satisfaction.
What started as a small, stand alone shop is now a fast expanding enterprise with more than twenty locations, and is still growing. The pace by which we have accelerated our deployment of store locations is testament to the acceptance of this truly wonderful product.
Our customers just keep coming back for more!

Where & How it All Started

Balamban Liempo Food Corner was established in July 2009 by Jojo and Honey Vergara. The latter grew up in Abucayan, located in the town of Balamban. It is a place commonly known within the province of Cebu as a farm and fishing municipality, with a noted ship building industry.
The town of Balamban also has a native method of grilling liempo (pork belly) using several local herbs and secret ingredients. Inspired by this distinct and flavourful concept, the enterprising couple set up their first shop in Mabolo, Cebu City. The venture was initially a simple take-out format, located in the residence of Jojo Vergara’s father. Today, it still stands as the pioneer branch, now serving sit-down customers, located at the corner of Tres Borces and Cabahug streets, Mabolo, Cebu City (see section 6.4 for more details).
As time passed, this simple hole-in-the-wall business of Balamban Liempo became a growing favorite among locals. Wandering clients became regular customers, and the word began to spread about the unique taste, aroma, and flavour of Balamban liempo.


The pioneer branch, located in Tres Borces St., Mabolo, Cebu City

Company Logo through time

Since its inception in July 2009, Balamban Liempo has evolved the trademark logo to better represent the company’s mission. Shown below are the initial designs, which helped the company to grow in popularity.


Initial concepts and designs of the company logo

Today, this is the official company logo. The main drivers for the change and final design were:

1. A simple and easily recognized format 

2. Brand name, with font colors giving a hint of slow cooking 

3. Leaf design to emphasize freshness and taste 

4. Concept of ‘Tastier Than Lechon’ via words and product shot


Final company logo, for Cebu (left) and outside Cebu province (right)

Balamban Liempo 11 Years

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